2011 QTHA Conference Program

The ACTM /QTHA Conference reflects the strength of tropical health and medical research expertise in Australia and includes the following outstanding speakers from the tropics:

  • QTHA Director, Louis Schofield (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute) will be presenting the 2011 Ashdown Oration - "Malaria Eradication Agenda"
  • Ron Quinn (Eskitis Institute for Cell and Molecular Therapies, Griffith University) "Australian Bio-diversity curing Neglected Diseases"
  • Mark von Itzstein (Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University) "Glycomics Approach to Tropical Disease"
  • Don McManus (Queensland Institute of Medical Research) "The epidemiology and control of schistosomiasis in China and the future impact of the Three Gorges Dam"
  • Denise Doolan (Queensland Institute of Medical Research) "Genomes to Vaccines: Translating Genomic Sequence Data into Effective Public Health Interventions"
  • Alex Loukas (James Cook University) "Development of vaccines for blood-feeding human helminths"
  • Maxine Whittaker (The University of Queensland) "Working in community health in the developing world"
  • Kim Usher (James Cook University) "Nursing Education in the developing world"
  • David MacLaren (James Cook University) "Conducting research in the developing World"
  • Alan Clough (James Cook University) "Aspects of mental health and substance misuse in remote Indigenous communities - prospects for population-level interventions"
  • John Aaskov (Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology) "Emerging viral diseases and what to do about them"
  • Andreas Suhrbier (Queensland Institute of Medical Research) "Chikungunya virus, epidemics, arthritic disease, models and treatments"
  • John McBride (James Cook University) "Dengue fever"
  • Katja Fischer (Queensland Institute of Medical Research) "The role of scabies mite complement inhibitors in scabies and associated bacterial disease"
  • Scott Ritchie (James Cook University) "Mosquito-borne diseases in Australia: a surprise every minute"
  • Nick Smith (James Cook University) "Gut inflammation: a question of immunological checks and balances"

The conference program will also feature an Indigenous health forum.

Download the latest Conference program and Conference abstracts from QTHA researchers.

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