Collaborative Research Awards

In 2012 funding assistance was made available to support collaborative research activities of QTHA-affiliated students and researchers.

  • Collaborative Research Awards funded joint research among QTHA partner institutions, which might involve covering the costs of travel, accommodation, and/or consumables;

  • Awards were made to research that relates to QTHA priorities, including but not limited to QTHA research programs:

    1. discovery, new product development and trailing - drugs and vaccines;

    2. Indigenous health;

    3. disease surveillance and control;

    4. collaborations with mining and the health of mining workforce and communities.

  • Awards were not available to fund equipment.

Successful applicants in 2012 were:

Professor Jon Golledge, Professor of Vascular Surgery and Biology, James Cook University collaborating with Professor Philip Walker, Head, University of Queensland, Discipline of Surgery, University of Queensland and Dr Christopher Askew, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology,Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and A/Prof Reinhold Muller, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, James Cook University to Develop a group focussed on PVD (peripheral vascular diseases ) in tropical regions.

Associate Professor Don Gardiner, Program Director, QIMR collaborating with Dr Tina Skinner-Adams, Tropical Parasitol. Lab. Eskitis Institute, Griffith University, A/Prof Chris Brown, Griffith University, Nathan Campus, Brisbane to determine if PNA's can be used as an alternative to RNAi in malaria parasites to confirm the target of novel antimalarial drug candidates.

Dr Jan Robertson, Senior Research Officer, DrPH candidate, James Cook University collaborating with Ms Pauline Calleja, Queensland University of Technology, Dr Caryn West, James Cook University and A/Prof Alan Clough, James Cook University to develop and evaluate Tobacco and Cannabis workplace policy implementation strategies in participating Indigenous communities.

Associate Professor Jonathan Harris, Queensland University of Technology collaborating with Dr Kathy Andrews, ARC Future Fellow, QIMR/Griffith University. This project targets the invasion of plasmodium falciparum merozoites into the host red blood cell during the asexual part of the parasite's lifecycle. This application seeks support for discovery of novel compounds which can inhibit this essential and highly "druggable" process.

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