2012 QTHA Seminar Series: Prof Hidde Ploegh, MIT

Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) and the Australian Society for Parasitology (ASP) present:

SPECIAL SEMINAR: "A Biochemist's view of host defense: What viruses and bacteria can teach us" Professor Hidde Ploegh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge


AUDITORIUM, QIMR CENTRAL, Queensland Institute of Medical Research

Whitehead Institute Member Professor Hidde Ploegh is a leading researcher in immune system behavior. Professor Ploegh studies the various tactics that infectious diseases employ to evade our immune responses, and the ways in which our immune system distinguishes friend from foe. In this seminar Professor Ploegh will talk about his current work studying how T cells (the white blood cells responsible for finding and destroying infectious disease) respond to cancerous tumors and also other research where Professor Ploegh has developed a method of improving the performance of protein-based therapy drugs.

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Video-linked to JCU Cairns A21.001  Teaching Annex and JCU Townsville (Multi Purpose Building 1 & Audio Visual Services DA009-001)


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