Seminar 24th January 2013 "Leptospirosis in American Samoa"

JCU School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences and QTHA presents

"Leptospirosis in American Samoa - Using GIS to Explore Environmental Drivers and Predict Infection Risk"

Dr Colleen Lau, Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute, The University of Queensland

Thursday 24th January 2013, 12.00noon

JCU, Cairns Campus, Crowther A3.3 Videolinked to JCU Townsville Multipurpose Building 1 & AV Services, Building 9 Room 001 in the University Central precinct.

All welcome.

Leptospirosis is the most common bacterial zoonosis in the world, with at least half a million severe human infections annually. It is an emerging infectious disease in many contexts, with increasing frequency and severity of outbreaks; changing geographic distribution, populations affected, and serovar patterns; and evolving climatic, socio-demographic, and environmental drivers of transmission. The transmission dynamics of leptospirosis is therefore highly complex, and varies significantly in different epidemiological settings. Join us as Dr Lau discusses her study of leptospirosis in AmericanSamoa, the use of geographic information systems and environmental data to identify risk factors for disease transmission, and produce the first predictive risk map for leptospirosis.

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