Cafe Scientifique - Venomous animals in north Queensland

JCU Faculty of Medicine, Health & Molecular Sciences presents Science & Society in the Tropics Public Lecture Series in partnership with QTHA and Inspiring Australia

Cafe Scientifique: Venomous animals in North Queensland

Associate Professor Jamie Seymour

Wednesday 10th April 2013, 6.30pm

The Salt House, The Pier, 6/2 Pier Point Road, Cairns

Australia seems to have an overabundance of venomous animals compared to the rest of the world, and
within our sunburnt continent. North Queensland has a higher diversity of lethal venomous critters than any
other place on the planet. Join us as we describe the way these beasts earn a living and determine just how
likely you are to die from a venomous animal.


This Cafe Scientifique event is a collaboration between James Cook University and the Queensland Tropical
Health Alliance in partnership with Inspiring Australia.

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