“Getting to the Guts of Allergic Disease”

QTHA Electronic Seminar series 2013

Professor Graham LeGros, Malaghan Institute of Medical Research, Wellington, New Zealand
Thursday 20th June 2013, 11am JCU, Cairns A21.001 Teaching
Annex Videolinked to JCU Townsville Faculty of Science & Engineering room 150.

All welcome and connections to other locations can be arranged. Contact email/Lisa.Jones1)(jcu.edu.au

Allergic diseases are significantly increasing around the world to the point where it is having a major impact on health and the economy of both developed and developing countries. To date efforts to pinpoint the causes of the increase in allergy have not been successful. Improved understanding of the earliest signals that trigger the initiation of asthma and allergy is critical for the identification of appropriate prevention strategies or specific treatments that selectively suppress only the allergic Th2 immune response. We use murine models and gene targeted gene reporter mice to generate much needed information in this poorly understood field. Data will be presented on the newly discovered innate cell types which may play a role in the allergic disease process and an update of the regulatory processes which control the Th2 responses thought to initiate allergic disease.

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