Veterinary parasitology: what a wonderful world of biodiversity!

"Veterinary parasitology: what a wonderful world of biodiversity! An overview on pets' parasites and their implications for Public health in Europe. "

Dr. Alessio Giannelli, University of Bari, Italy
Thursday 15th August 2013, 1pm
JCU Cairns A21.001 Videolinked to JCU Townsville Building 4 Behavioural Sciences Room 225 Meeting Room (DA004-225) (Email email/Lisa.Jones1)( for links to other locations)

All welcome!

The field of veterinary parasitology is increasingly attracting more attention from researchers worldwide, since parasites of animals may provide useful models for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for several human parasitic diseases and, simultaneously, represent neglected reservoirs of a number of zoonotic parasites, of substantial Public Health concern.

The current presentation aims at providing an overview on the current research interests at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Bari (Italy). In particular, the epidemiology and biology of some of the most important parasites of pets (e.g., Hepatozoon canis, Leishmania infantum) will be discussed. In addition, new information on the knowledge of Rhipicephalus sanguineus ticks and neglected canine filarioids causing zoonosis (i.e., Onchocerca lupi and Dirofilaria repens) will be delivered.  

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