The Queensland Tropical Health Alliance is unique:

  • a network of world class researchers with expertise in tropical health
  • a demonstrated capacity for drug and vaccine development
  • located in a geographical base in the tropics

QTHA research aims to:

  • improve detection, diagnosis and treatment of existing and emerging tropical diseases through research, commercialisation and program support
  • reduce health risks associated with biosecurity and biohealth threats
  • improve health outcomes for tropical Australia, the Asia-Pacific and other tropical regions
  • enhance education and training of national and international health professionals and researchers
  • provide advice and advocacy for national and international health policy development

Research Programs

Research is conducted within three broad programs across key stages of a tropical health commercialisation pipeline:

Drugs, diagnostics and vaccines

  • conducting high-throughput screens and targeted or rational drug development
  • development of novel therapeutics directed towards pathogen-derived toxins
  • development of vaccines
  • investigation of pathogen detection platforms and development of diagnostic assays for detection of parasitic infections

Indigenous health

  • assisting Indigenous and underserved populations to improve health and well-being
  • endemic diseases affecting rural, remote and Indigenous communities

Disease surveillance and control

  • development of novel anti-vector interventions to prevent disease transmission
  • development of methods and kits to control disease
  • monitoring, evaluation and program support for effective interventions
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