Research facilities

  • QCL Compound Unit
  • Queensland Compound Library – consists of 300,000 fractions from plants originating from tropical Queensland, PNG and China and is a unique resource to ‘mine’ and identify new therapeutics.  The library is unique in that it contains Australia’s largest collection of solubilised pure compounds (both naturally derived and synthetic).  QTHA has extended the storage capacity of the QCL and developed and equipped a 100m2 PC3 laboratory specialised for robotic screening under PC3 containment.
  • Queensland Compound Library Robot – enables robotic screening under PC3 containment.
  • Eskitis II
  • QTHA Research Building in Cairns (artist’s impression; currently under construction)
  • Eskitis
  • Insectary
  • Australian Institute for Tropical Health and Medicine
  • Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation
  • Tropical Health Epidemiology Laboratory
  • Pre-Clinical Drug/Vaccine Imaging Facility
  • Australian Biosecurity Response Facility
  • PC3 Lab – JCU Townsville
  • Centre for Applied Health Economics

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